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SMI Training & Certification Regiments

SMI is committed to the training and process certifications for all employees. We want our Mechanical, Electrical, and Fabrication staff to have the knowledge they need to perform the task at hand safely and effectively.

The Department Field Staff is trained in the following practices

  • Refrigeration Mechanics: RETA / EPA 608 / OSHA / MSHA
  • Millwrights: Rigging / OSHA / MSHA
  • Pipe Welders : AWS 2G / 5G / 6G & Flat Work
  • Electricians: DIR Certified / OSHA / MSHA
  • Automators: OSHA / MSHA
  • Fabricators: AWS / OSHA / MSHA
  • Machine Operators: Factory Certified
  • All Field Staff Employees : Forklift / Scissor & Boom Lift / Telehandler

SMI is an ISN and MSHA Certified Contractor

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SMI Affiliations

SMI is proud to be members of and affiliated with the following organizations:

  • iiar
  • AWA
  • UL
  • NFPA
  • RETA
  • ASME
  • ANSI
  • WECA
  • ISN

This allows us to stay current on industry trends, cutting edge technology and development, engineering resources, changes industry standards, and changes in building codes. We belong to these organizations in order to provide the most up to date and accurate information to our clients and utilizing new information in our design and building practices. SMI is an ISN and MSHA Certified Contractor.

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SOP Development / Certification / Training

SMI is dedicated to compliance and safety. We develop SOP’s for industrial refrigeration processes, chemical processes, petrochemical processes, and electrical circuit service. These documents if properly developed & vetted save lives. Proper implementation and training are key to keeping operators safe and equipment free from catastrophic damage. SMI develops, certifies, and provides SOP implementation and application training. Shoot us a call and we will be happy to work with you on compliance and safety requirements.

SOP General Subject Examples:

  • System Overview
  • Initial Startup and Commissioning
  • Normal Startup Procedures
  • Normal Operating Procedures
  • Normal Shut Down Procedures
  • LOTO Application
  • Component Isolation Procedures
  • SOP Review & Certification
  • Startup Following a Turnaround
  • Emergency Operating Procedures
  • Emergency Shut Down Procedures
  • Valve Isolation Procedures
  • Equipment Servicing Procedures

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