Mechanical Services


Our HVAC division is well versed in new construction, diagnosis, and repair of equipment used in today’s industry. SMI contracts with multistory business complexes, care centers, warehouses, supermarkets, hotels, corporate offices, financial institutions, and data centers. We offer maintenance programs custom tailored to meet the needs of our clients. SMI maintenance programs help to ensure that equipment operates at maximum efficiency.  TRI-DEC filters provide superior protection for your equipment and air quality. With the use of TRI-DEC filters air quality considerations can be met.

SMI with cooperation from TRI-DIM Filters Corporation offers high efficiency panel and link filters in our TRI-DEC filters series. Filters are a quick and easy efficiency upgrade for your facility. The TRI-DEC panels and link filters offer MERV 8 rated efficiency.

TRI-DEC filters are constructed utilizing three deniers of depth loading media that offers longer service life, increase real world efficiency, elimination of dirty air bypass, reduced shipping and storage, moisture resistance, mold resistance and easy change-out.



Refrigeration is the foundation of SMI. We are always moving forward to maintain a strong field of technicians to provide the service expected for industrial and commercial facilities. SMI contracts with agricultural packing facilities, food processing facilities, cold storage distribution facilities, warehouses, supermarkets, hotels, multistory business complexes, financial institutions, and data centers just to name a few.

SMI fabricates portable hydro coolers, production line hydro coolers, conveyor systems, heat exchangers, and much more. SMI can provide line automation, process piping and flow control. If you need it we can build it.


  • Design Build Construction & System Installation
  • PSM, RMP, PHA & Management of Change Documentation as needed to fulfill your obligations for Federal and State requirements.
  • Engineering, Drafting & Manufacturing
  • Compressor Rebuilds
  • Emergency Service & Responses 24/7, Anytime & Anywhere
  • System Analysis and Mechanical Integrity Inspections
  • Automation & Controls Design & Installation
  • HMI Interfacing & Remote System Monitoring
  • UL508A Custom Control Panel Fabrication
  • MCC Design & Installation
  • Electronic Thermal Imaging & Documentation
  • Lighting Controls & Retrofit Applications with Rebate Potential
  • Maintenance Programs
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System Controls & EMS Calibrations

  • Condenser Maintenance & Water Treatment
  • Compressor Performance & Vibration Analysis
  • Shaft Alignment & Seal Replacements
  • Safety & Temperature Controls Calibration
  • Oil Filter Replacements & Oil Analysis
  • Oil Draining & Disposal
  • Evaporator & Valve Inspections
  • Vessel & Pump Package Inspection
  • Electronic Thermal Imaging

Maintenance programs can be setup for monthly maintenance, quarterly maintenance and annual maintenance as needed for your system.


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