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Machinery Design & Fabrication

The Machinery Design & Fabrication Services provided by SMI are the best in the area. An experienced staff delivers outstanding Design Concepts, 3D renderings, Equipment Animation, Client Collaboration, Project Management, Precision Manufacturing, Quality Assembly, and Timely Delivery of any project thrown our way. SMI has the qualified staff to deliver quality products built to any specification.

Machinery Design & Fabrication Projects completed by SMI:

  • Stationary Hydro Coolers
  • Produce Bin Dumpers
  • Produce Bin Washing Systems
  • Product Hopper Systems
  • Food Grade Trammel Separators
  • WT / WWT Separation Systems
  • Grape Harvesters
  • Machine Replacement Parts MFG.
  • Mobil Hydro Coolers
  • Bin De-Stackers & Re-Stackers
  • Box Fillers
  • Product Elevator Systems
  • Water Filtration Systems
  • WW TDS Recovery Systems
  • Grape Harvester Modifications
  • Personnel Machinery Safety Cages

Need a Custom or Specialty Machine? There is a 99.9999% chance we can build it!

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